Virtual open homes

Virtual open homes

What's a virtual open home?

A virtual open home, also known as a virtual home inspection, is an open home conducted remotely, powered by 3D technology that simulates an environment, which in this case, is the interior of a property.


Virtual tours aren’t new, but at the peak of the pandemic, virtual open homes fast became the crown of the property technology industry, allowing houses to remain open for inspection and preventing the property market from coming to a standstill. As virtual open homes prove more and more beneficial to all, they are here to stay.

Benefits of a virtual home inspection

There are ample benefits to be had with a virtual open house tour, for buyers, sellers and real estate agents alike.

Benefits for buyers

Virtual open homes allow prospective buyers to break down borders, defy physical distances and inspect a property from the comfort of their own couch. A 3D virtual house tour enables these buyers to inspect every inch of a property remotely, addressing several limitations of the conventional open homes, which require time, travel and interrupted weekends. For interstate and overseas buyers, these limitations can only be more profound.

Benefits for sellers

Selling a home isn’t just listing it online and waiting for offers to pour in. It’s about decluttering, cleaning up, styling it and ushering the whole family to the park as interested buyers flood your home every Saturday. After all that, most open homes only go for 30 minutes. On the contrary, virtual open homes allow your property to stay open 24/7 and enable buyers to walk through it any time, not just when they have time to spare on the weekends.

Benefits for real estate agents

Property virtual tours have fast become an important tool in a lot of real estate agents’ arsenals. Besides breaking down barriers and earning your listings more exposure, they can potentially increase the competition among buyers and get the properties sold more quickly. Additionally, with the uncertainty of the pandemic yet to be over, another lockdown could mean another week without buyers walking through the doors if you’re relying solely on conventional open homes.

How is a property virtual tour created?

Within 24 hours, we can deliver a virtual open home that is industry-leading in quality and flexible in application so that you can share it with anyone, through any channels including website, email, text messaging, social media and more. For real estate agents, below are three main steps to getting a virtual open home ready for your listing.

You book a scan

You book an appointment and provide us with information relating to the property you want to scan. We send you instructions on prepping the house so you can pass them on to the owners.

We scan the property

We arrive to meet you at the unoccupied property and start the scanning process. On average, it takes us 2 to 3 hours to complete the scan, depending on the size of the property.

We deliver the scan

We process and deliver the virtual open home to you as a shareable file, including a document on different ways you can use and share the asset.

Virtual vs virtual reality home tours: what's the difference?

So far you have learned what virtual home tours are. But what about virtual reality home tours?

In simple terms, virtual reality home tours are also 3D tours of properties, which offer the same capabilities and interactivity but through a pair of virtual reality googles, can emulate a life-size environment surrounding the user, allowing them to walk through the property as if they were there in-person.

Who are using virtual tours?

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